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Free Tool Clip Art Images

Download free icons hand tools, bench tools. Tool picture clip art royalty free, open source public domain image of tools free download clip art


Anvil Illustration

Clipart download blacksmiths anvil, metal working anvil illustration download royalty free public domain anvil image

Click to enlarge Anvil Illustration

Download Anvil Illustration Download Now

Downloads: 6

Binoculars Illustration Image

Clipart pair of binoculars graphic download free public domain binoculars images

Click to enlarge Binoculars Illustration Image

Download Binoculars Illustration Image Download Now

Downloads: 16

Claw Hammer Illustration

Clipart download carpenters claw hammer icon image, public domain hammer image for commercial use, royalty free hammer clip art

Click to enlarge Claw Hammer Illustration

Download Claw Hammer Illustration Download Now

Downloads: 38

Cordless Drill Illustration

Free clipart download electric cordless drill image, public domain electric drill icon download free

Click to enlarge Cordless Drill Illustration

Download Cordless Drill Illustration Download Now

Downloads: 52

Crescent Wrench Clip Art

Illustration adjustable spanner wrench, crescent wrench image download free icon spanner image

Click to enlarge Crescent Wrench Clip Art

Download Crescent Wrench Clip Art Download Now

Downloads: 158

Funnel Icon

Download free image of funnel, silver metal funnel image icon image, public domain

Click to enlarge Funnel Icon

Download Funnel Icon Download Now

Downloads: 24

Funnel Illustration

Clipart stainless steel funnel illustration download free image of funnel icon

Click to enlarge Funnel Illustration

Download Funnel Illustration Download Now

Downloads: 83

Mallet Illustration

Clipart image mallet and spikes image download royalty free icon of mallet nail mallet.png

Click to enlarge Mallet Illustration

Download Mallet Illustration Download Now

Downloads: 14

Pencil Icon Image

Illustration of pencil image download free pencil pictures

Click to enlarge Pencil Icon Image

Download Pencil Icon Image Download Now

Downloads: 8

Scissors Clipart

Illustration download free scissors icon image, public domain image scissors

Click to enlarge Scissors Clipart

Download Scissors Clipart Download Now

Downloads: 34
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